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My name is Kirsten Uhlenberg, owner of Chicago Bay Design. I am a graphic designer and I can help you make an impact. By listening to your needs and collaborating throughout the design process, I will create results that connect backstory and brand to make your message stand out. 

From brochures to workbooks, postcards to posters, invitations to infographics, I will exceed your expectations. Whether your project is a digital slide deck, a lengthy report, an order form, or a book cover, my work is informed by thoroughly understanding your goals for the project. 

From my studio in Saint Paul, Minnesota, I began this work because I have always been fascinated by visual information presented clearly. I love to work on details. Whether carefully formatting your grandmother's recipes, beautifully typesetting your poems or family stories, or using expert design strategies to heighten the message in your brochures, I will find just the right color, type, and illustrations for your project. I am happy to help!

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Chicago Bay Design is named for two separate places my great-grandparents settled. One set of great-grandparents settled in Chicago after arriving from what is now Czechia.

Another set of great-grandparents arrived from Norway and settled on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Hovland, a forested community near a small cove called Chicago Bay on the Great Lake known by the Ojibwe as Gichigami. 

Fusing these two place names is fitting for one of the results of these disparate mergers. Chicago Bay Design is a name that fits me and my work, while acknowledging my immigrant roots.

Photo credit: Graham Taylor

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